About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Jada, I am 22 years old and the owner of Budgets By Jada! Keep reading to learn more about me and my journey.

I graduated from college in 2021 and started working at my first full-time job soon after. I currently live with my boyfriend and work from home for my job and small business. I love to eat and watch movies / tv shows!

I have been "budgeting" since I was 16 years old. Of course, I messed up with my budget many times during my journey, but when the COVID pandemic happened in 2020, I learned about cash stuffing. It changed my life. Now I want to change your life too!

I created this shop to be able to share products that work well with the cash budgeting system. Savings challenge binders, cash envelopes, savings trackers, etc. are all products that I plan to offer over time. I'm so excited to be doing this and I hope you are too!

Join me on the journey to financial freedom!